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Vehicle Dynamics Control System

Posted On December 11th, 2019

Combining various electronic systems of the car in a network, in addition to exchanging information, allows you to organize their joint work. Based on this principle, an integrated system for controlling vehicle dynamics is built. The system combines the stability control system , steering , transmission and vehicle suspension, which previously worked independently.


The vehicle dynamics control system is aimed at maintaining directional stability, increasing maneuverability, reducing the load on the driver. A system is special software that is installed, as a rule, in the control unit of the exchange rate stability system. The system does not have its own structural elements; therefore, the system as such is only conditional. To a greater extent, this is a marketing move by manufacturers.

The vehicle dynamics control system has as many names:

  • Vehicle Dynamics Management, VDM by Bosch;
  • Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management, VDIM at Toyota;
  • Integrated Chassis Management, ICM at BMW.

The following functions can be implemented in an integrated vehicle dynamics control system:

  • additional steering wheel torque;
  • additional angle of rotation of the front wheels;
  • angle of rotation of the wheels of the rear axle on rear-wheel drive cars;
  • torque distribution between the front and rear axles on all-wheel drive vehicles;
  • torque distribution between the right and left drive wheels;
  • reduced roll and swing of the suspension.

The additional torque on the steering wheel affects the actions of the driver. With oversteer, torque is generated in the opposite direction to pull. In case of understeer, this function prevents further turning of the steering wheel. The magnitude of the additional torque is small (up to 3 nm), so its effect on the dynamics of the car is minimal. The function of the additional torque on the steering wheel is implemented using an electric power steering .

Creating an additional angle of rotation of the front wheels allows for significant stabilization of movement. To create an additional angle of rotation of the wheels, an electric power steering is used, which under certain driving conditions actively intervenes in driving. For example, BMW’s Active Steering system adjusts the angle of rotation of the front wheels when cornering and braking on slippery surfaces.

In case of oversteer, the wheels turn in the opposite direction, in case of understeer by turning the wheels, lost traction is achieved. In most cases, intervention in the operation of the steering system allows you to stabilize the car without reducing the speed.

Some rear-wheel-drive vehicles use rear axle steering . For example, in the active control system of the suspension geometry, this function is performed using a variable length of levers. At low speed, turning the rear wheels in the opposite direction to the front increases the car’s maneuverability. At high speed, turning the rear wheels in the same direction as the front wheels increase the directional stability of the car.

Active distribution (redistribution) of torque between the front and rear axles is used in most modern all-wheel-drive systems. This function allows you to control the dynamics of the car, balancing between oversteer and understeer.

The distribution of torque between the drive wheels in the transverse direction is realized using the electronic differential lock, as well as some methods of a physical differential lock.

A significant effect on maintaining directional stability is provided by the vehicle roll control function. This function is carried out with the help of anti-roll bars of variable stiffness and adaptive shock absorbers as part of the active suspension.

Thus, by combining various vehicle systems, high dynamics are achieved while maintaining traffic safety.


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